Build Your Business With the Support of Experienced Mentors Who Have Been There

No more getting stuck. No more derailing your progress. No more feeling isolated and alone. It’s time to build your business.

Why So Many Business Owners Struggle

Sometimes running your business can feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel - especially if it’s just you doing all the work, or if you’ve got a small team. 

You know deep down that your business is capable of more, but you just don’t know what else to do to make it happen. You’ve spent years getting great at what you do, but no one ever taught you how to run a business.

So now you’re stumbling around in the dark and relying on trial and error.

That’s a recipe for burnout.

The long hours, constant hustle, and the fact that few - if any - people in your life understand what you’re going through, lead many business owners to feel isolated and alone

Your well-meaning friends and family simply can’t understand your experience building a business because they haven’t done it. 

The good news is this... 

All the things you need to know are learnable or hirable. 

The question is whether you’ll decide to re-invent the wheel on your own or to leverage other people’s skills and experience to build the business you were meant to lead.

What if there was a way to…

  • Get access to mentors who've been there
  • Learn all the things no one ever taught you about running a business
  • Have the support of a community of business owners who understand what it's like

All of this - and more - is waiting for you in The Business Accelerator

The Business Accelerator is exactly the support system your business needs to thrive

You’ll build your business with the support of experienced mentors and other business owners who have been where you are. 

Imagine how much more you can do when...

  • You no longer feel isolated and alone.
  • You don't have to keep everything to yourself because you don’t have anyone who understands.
  • You have access to the expertise and support of your mentors and peers.

This means you’ll blast through challenges instead of getting derailed by them. You’ll get the expertise you need to solve problems and you’ll get the support to keep your momentum going.

The Business Accelerator isn't "another thing to do" on top of running your business. It's a resource to be more effective doing the things you need to do for your business.

Are you ready to experience the power of building your business with the support of a community who is invested in your success?

5 Reasons To Join The Business Accelerator


Get Your Own Personal Advisory Board 

When you join the Business Accelerator, you’ll immediately gain access to a network of seasoned business pros and peers.

The relationships you’ll build in this community can benefit you way beyond answering your questions. They're a crucial resource that can accelerate your growth. 


Get In-Depth Training 

From marketing, accounting, hiring, to operations - there are a lot of moving parts to running a business. The Business Accelerator’s peer support is complemented by practical training on how to run a business. 

Learn proven methods for making every aspect of your business work. And all of it comes with a collection of tools and templates to help you implement them into your business.


Get A Mentor to Help Steer the Ship  

Your mentor is an experienced business owner and coach who has helped many business owners just like you build their businesses. This means you not only have a group of peers to support you, but you also have an expert mentor to ensure you do the right things at the right time.


Achieve Clarity and Focus  

Think back to things you’ve tried in your business that turned out to be a total waste of time and resources.

Your mentor helps you get clarity on what you want to accomplish and develops your focus. Filter all decisions about what to do and when to do it based on that clear, definable outcome and plan.


Get Someone to Keep You Honest  

It’s a proven fact that people are more likely to follow through on commitments when they are held accountable. 

As part of the Business Accelerator, you’ll have a whole community holding you accountable. At every meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to publicly declare your commitments. You can be sure the community will hold you to account just as they will expect you to do for them.

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Join The Business Accelerator

  • Twice Monthly Group Meetings facilitated by an experienced coach so everyone can take away actionable insights to grow their business
  • Once Monthly Open Office Hours with your coach to ask questions about any help you need in your business
  • Unlimited email support from your mentor to get timely help with issues as they arise so you can make consistent progress in your business
  • Quarterly Retreat Days with your mentor and select guest experts so you can build the critical skills your business needs to thrive
  • Access to our library of tools, templates, and worksheets covering just about every aspect of your business which saves you literally weeks of work creating these materials

All of the sessions are virtual, so you don't have to worry about carving out extra time to travel and you can be part of the community no matter where you are. 

How much longer are you going to try to go it alone?

How many more trial and error cycles are you willing to suffer through to get to something that works?

How much have you lost in missed sales and wasted money because you’ve been doing it the hard way?

It’s time to get a team behind you.