May 15


Targeted marketing part 2: How to make a successful connection

You come across a shirt who’s tag boasts “one size fits all.”

How many of us have tried on this type of clothing and had a positive experience? I’m willing to bet no one! Rarely do any of us find that “all” is flattering. And besides, we don't want "all" we want "me." We want something that speaks to our uniqueness and needs. 

That’s how you should think about marketing.

Most online and mass marketing methods are like using the “one size fits all approach.” Sure it aims to reach high volumes, but I can guarantee that it’s not getting the response you want.

The average online campaign will get a conversion rate of 1% - if you know what you're doing. Most small business owners who dip their toes in the online marketing pond do a whole lot worse than that. 

The dangerous allure of online advertising platforms like Google and Facebook is that they're easy to use, so people believe they can do it (a myth aggressively promoted by Google and Facebook). Turns out, like many things, setting up and running online ads is easy to do, but very difficult to do well.

I'm not suggesting you avoid using Google and/or Facebook for advertising. I'm saying, that for most small businesses, they shouldn't be the primary means of advertising.

A mentor of mine likes to say

"Before you can make money in your sleep, you need to learn how to make money while you're awake."

What she means by this is for any sort of online or mass marketing campaign (making money in your sleep) to be successful, you have to have done the work of learning what your prospects want and need (making money while you're awake). Only once you've done that will you be able to create online ads that are effective. And by "effective", I mean might get something like a 1% conversion rate.

So, what should you do instead?

Remember last week, I mentioned you should focus on 2 or 3 marketing channels.

One of them should be talking to people.

That's right. Have an actual conversation with someone you want to sell something to. Have as many of them as you can, actually.

This is also the cheapest (free!) way to reach people. Because the engagement is so direct it tends to yield higher conversion rates. Plus, in one interaction with a prospect you’ll be able to assess how they respond to your message immediately. This will give you invaluable and quick feedback so you can tweak and improve your approach for future conversations.

The best way to reach people is to never pass on an opportunity to talk with someone. Anyone!

We run into people all the time, from the line at our favorite coffee shop to a fellow commuter waiting for the train. Use any and all random interactions to qualify prospects. If you feel a solid rapport with a prospective client, jump on the opportunity to follow-up. Exchange information and schedule a time to meet again to go over things in more detail. This will give you another chance to get to know them and their needs/wants even more intimately. It also demonstrates your commitment to them.  

Scout out locations and see where your audience is most concentrated. This could be at trade shows, meetings, and other gathering spots.

Also, you can always count on the power of common interest at games, concerts, and other events to unite people of similar interests, backgrounds and needs. When you meet people in these spaces make sure you keep interpersonal marketing in mind and use small talk to set up big opportunities or leads. 

Qualify potential prospects and don’t get discouraged if they’re not the right fit. Chances are they may know someone who is. Explore their networks and referrals fully. Meet those referrals for coffee or give them a call. Never waste a lead!

When you’re ready to make your marketing campaigns more individualized, appealing, and effective reach out to our team. Let's build a marketing campaign that flatters and enhances your business, I guarantee we have your size!

If you are having trouble knowing exactly where your business should be going or what you need to make your journey successful, we can help!

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