Group Training Programs

Choose from our 8 to 12 week group programs to jump start your business.

The right program at the right time

We've designed our group programs to deliver focused, practical material that you can put to work in your business immediately.

We've done everything we can to set you up for success. The training is delivered in easily digestible pieces, so you never feel overwhelmed or like you're falling behind. And every training program comes with a ton of support from our coaches, so you'll never be on your own. 

Dream Team Bootcamp

Dream Team Bootcamp

Are you sick and tired of hiring the wrong people?

You're good at what you do and put your client’s needs first. You already work a lot of hours, so it’s no wonder you get frustrated when the people you hire seem to make more work for you instead of helping.

What if a few simple changes unlock the secret to hiring and developing great people?

Many small business owners struggle when it comes to hiring and managing people. Finding and keeping “good people” is a huge source of stress and anxiety. And when it goes wrong, it can be very costly in terms of time and money. 

Hiring and developing great people isn’t magic - its a skill you can learn.

It’s time to take it to the next level. And that means acquiring the tools and the skills to find and hire the best people for your company and implement a process to ensure your team members are as committed to your company’s success as you are.

Imagine surrounding yourself with a team of people who are brilliant at their job. You can finally stop doing all the work yourself and be confident that everything is getting done exactly how you want it done. You’ll feel like you can finally take a breath because you’ve built a team that has your back.

Business Design Masterclass

Tired of feeling stressed out by your business?

As your business grows, you’re finding yourself with limited flexibility, less time, and nowhere near the freedom you hoped for. In fact, if you’re anything like the business owners I meet every day, you're starting to realize you’ve created the exact opposite of what you set out to do.

Well, the good news is your perfect company isn’t as out of reach as you may be thinking right now. You might just need a little design update. 

Here's the thing. Your business is perfectly designed to get the result it's getting.

Want to change the result? Change the design.

This is about being deliberate about the results you want. It’s about being deliberate about what your company does and how it does it. It’s about building a strong foundation that can support you as you grow.

And you don’t have to figure it all out through trial and error. There’s a proven formula to it that has served as the foundation for all my clients' business success.

When you do this, you get a business that just works. No more fire drills. No more being on 24/7. No more running as fast as you can just to stand still.

You get your life back. You get the business you were dreaming about when you started. 

business design masterclass