Crack the code on marketing that consistently attracts high quality prospects who buy

Perfect Clients Now! Guides you step-by-step from finding your ideal client all the way through creating effective marketing campaigns to consistently attract well-qualified prospects who are eager to work with you.

Feeling Stuck When it Comes to Finding New Clients?

Which of these sounds like you?

  • Stuck in an endless cycle of being buried in work and then scrambling to find new clients when the project ends?
  • Getting interest from prospects, but too few of them are becoming clients or you’re having to resort to discounting your fees to close deals?
  • Constantly putting yourself out there to find leads and attract new clients with little to show for it?

The bottom line with any of these challenges is the same...your marketing efforts aren’t working as well as you need or want them to.

And all too often, business owners who find themselves in this position simply don’t know where to start fixing things, or they focus on trying to fix the wrong things...

  • They try posting on social media
  • They hire one of those lead gen agencies that cold-messaged them on LinkedIn
  • They pay to run a bunch of ads
  • They try any number of other marketing tactics that someone told them about

And none of it works very well because the real problem runs deeper than any particular tactic.

The Heart of the Problem

There’s a fundamental truth in marketing.

A great offer can make up for mediocre marketing. But the best marketing in the world can’t make up for a bad offer.

And that’s usually the heart of the problem. Something about your offer - the thing you’re selling - isn’t on target.

That’s Why We Created Perfect Clients Now!

We built the Perfect Clients Now! Program with a singular goal. 

To help you create an offer that your ideal clients will be clamoring to buy from you.

Each of the 5 easily digestible steps in the program guides you as you create and market the offer your prospects simply can’t resist.

Work the Perfect Clients Now! 5-step plan and you’ll build a consistent pipeline of quality prospects that can grow your sales and increase your income.

What would that look like for you?

Perhaps it’s something like this…

Arriving at your office on Monday morning, you notice you’re feeling relaxed and eager to get to work. You scan your calendar for the week to see just the right number of sales meetings booked in. 

You can’t hide the satisfied smile as you do a quick mental calculation of the new revenue you’ll be generating in those meetings.

Then, you turn your attention to getting ready for that client call. The call you’ve actually been looking forward to all weekend because you get to do the work you love with someone you genuinely care about.

When you get that consistent pipeline in place, you’ll notice a few things

Your confidence in your value will be unshakable

You won’t have the slightest hesitation to say no to those prospects who aren’t a perfect fit for your business, knowing there are plenty of other - better - prospects right around the corner. And you’ll be asking for premium fees as effortlessly as you’d ask someone to pass the salt at dinner.

You’ll be happier, more relaxed, and more fulfilled

Because your clients are such a great fit, working with them will be a joy, not a chore. And because they’ll be plenty of them paying you what you’re worth, the nagging anxiety over how your bills are getting paid will be a thing of the past.

Here's your path to making it happen...

Step 1: Zero In On Your Perfect Audience

Our first step in Perfect Clients Now! Will be to zero in on your ideal target audience. We’re going to find the exact group of people you can - and most want to - serve.

A mistake I see business owners make all the time is they try to market to everyone. Makes sense on the surface. After all, the more people you try to sell to, the more sales you’ll make, right? Wrong.

The truth is the more narrow the audience you try to reach, the more effectively you can sell to them. This is because when you address a narrow audience, you can deliver a powerful message that resonates with them, and would certainly turn off people who weren’t part of that group. 

If you try to appeal to a broad audience, you need to water down what you say to avoid offending anyone. That leaves you with a message that isn’t compelling to anyone.

By the end of this step, you’ll know exactly who you can best serve. This step will save you countless hours of wasted time talking to the wrong prospects, deepen the conversations you have with the right prospects, and leave you feeling more connected to your audience than ever before.

Step 2: Uncover Their Compelling problem

Our second step is to uncover the compelling problem your perfect audience will pay to solve. 

So many business owners try to solve every problem a prospect might have. That leads to sales conversations that amount to throwing everything you can find against the wall and hoping something sticks. Usually, nothing does.

If you want to close more sales and charge higher fees, you need to focus on one compelling problem your prospect is motivated to solve. 

Focusing on a single compelling problem works better for two reasons: 

One, a fundamental truth of marketing is the only thing someone will pay for is the solution to a painful problem. 

And two, when you tell prospects you can solve all kinds of problems, you lose credibility - even if you can solve all kinds of problems. 

By the end of this step, we’ll have identified the specific, painful problem that your perfect audience is desperate to solve. Solving the problem that’s been vexing your prospect versus promising to do a bunch of stuff for them is the difference between your prospect listening in rapt attention and playing with their phone while you talk. 

There’s nothing like walking into a sales conversation with the confidence of knowing exactly what the prospect most wants.

Step 3: Build the Perfect Offer

The perfect offer is the solution to your perfect audience’s compelling problem. And that’s exactly what we’re going to build in this step.

Too many businesses talk about the things they’re going to do when selling. They get into trouble because prospects have no idea how - or if - that checklist of deliverables is going to solve their problem.

When your offer is purpose-built to solve your audience’s compelling problem, you’ll close more of the prospects you talk to and they’ll gladly pay premium fees. 

This works because your offer, when designed correctly, shows your prospects how you can credibly deliver the solution to their problem. And when your prospect believes you can solve their problem, they’ll happily pay you to do it. 

By the end of this step you’ll have a fully-formed offer you can make to your prospects. You’ll see the look of relief in their face as every piece of your offer makes it crystal clear they’ll get an effective solution, and you’re just the person to make it happen. 

When you nail the perfect offer, selling will never feel like work again.

Step 4: Craft the Perfect Message

In step four, we turn our attention to how to talk about your offer.

So many business owners miss a huge opportunity to stand out from the competition and to attract the people they want to work with here. We’re going to fix both of those things.

Getting the messaging right is like having your very own bat signal to attract high quality prospects to you. This is true because when you speak directly to your prospect’s experience, they feel like you get them.

And when they feel like you get them, they see you as someone who can solve their problem and someone they want to work with. When your prospect feels this way, your competition becomes irrelevant.

When you finish this step, you’ll have a pitch-perfect message for your perfect prospect. Your prospects will be drawn to you and feel a deep connection like you’d experience from powerful eye contact in a conversation. 

It’s easy to feel great about the work you do when you’re magnetically attracting the people you most want to work with.

Step 5: Build a Perfect Campaign

In the final step of our process, we’ll build an always-on lead generation campaign that consistently generates quality leads. 

One of the reasons marketing efforts come up short is inconsistency. That’s why we’re giving you the playbook for a cost-effective, scalable campaign and showing you tested strategies for consistently working it.

When you have a consistent flow of qualified leads, not only will you close more sales but you’ll have the luxury of picking and choosing who you work with. 

This is because a consistently flowing pipeline breaks the cycle of spending all your time on client projects and then frantically scrambling to find new projects when the work ends. 

When you break that cycle, you can better capture the big part of the market who will buy, just not today. Ultimately, that gets you more sales. And you can say no to bad-fit clients because you know they’ll be another (better) prospect tomorrow.

When you finish this step, you’ll have an easy-to-implement cost-effective lead generation campaign and an action plan for consistently running it. You’ll never be scrambling to find new work again because pre-sale and sales conversations with a ready supply of quality prospects will become just a regular part of your routine. 

You’ll be happier, calmer, and better able to focus on delivering for your clients because you’ll know there’s always new work waiting in the wings.

Create a consistent pipeline of high-quality prospects who turn into high paying clients.

When you enroll in Perfect Clients Now!, you’ll get...

Lifetime access to all the materials and content

You’ll get lifetime access to the complete 5-step Perfect Clients Now! system, including all the trainings, worksheets, and playbooks. We’re in this for the long haul and will support you fully. Revisit the training any time you want to create an incredible, client-wowing offer for your business.

12 weekly live coaching and Q&A calls

Every week, you’ll have a live coaching call where we’ll dig into the material, answer all your questions, and give you specific feedback on what you’ve done. This is where you get a deeper understanding of the process and rest easy knowing you have expert guidance to make sure you’re on the right track.

12 Weeks of unlimited email support

You’ll also have unlimited access to your coach via email to get questions answered and material reviewed in between our coaching sessions. You won’t get hung up waiting for a coaching call to get a question answered. We want to make sure you can keep moving forward to get the most from our time together.

So, what's it going to be? 

Will you continue struggling to get clients and resorting to cutting your fees to get them to say yes? To take on anyone willing to pay, even though you know they aren't the people you want to be working with? To suffer through wild swings from being buried in work to scrambling to find work and back again?

Or are you finally going to make a change?

You are 12 weeks away from holding the key to creating a steady flow of clients on demand and commanding the fees that accurately reflect the value you provide.

The choice is yours.