Not getting new clients as quickly and easily as you’d like?

Get crystal clear on your perfect client and craft an offer they can’t resist, so you can easily land the right clients who are willing to pay a premium to work with you.

What if you could attract your perfect clients and command premium fees?

Imagine having a step-by-step roadmap that leads you straight to your perfect client, skyrockets your conversion rate, and allows you to fill your client pipeline like never before.

Imagine having the formula that lets you get new clients - practically on demand - who are exactly the people you want to work with. And being able to offer them a service that they can't resist. 

When you're at some function explaining what you do, you'll have replaced the familiar response of "oh." with "Tell me more!" or "How can I get that?!" 

That's all possible when you use the proven methods in Perfect Clients Now! to craft the perfect offer for the perfect client.

Perfect Clients Now! Includes:

  • 3 Jam-pack modules with everything you need to know and worksheets and templates to walk you step-by-step through implementation
  • 18 hours of group coaching and Q&A to make sure nothing gets in your way
  • All the email support you need to keep moving and create the perfect offer for your market
  • Access to a private community where you'll be able to test out ideas, find inspiration, and make connections that can last well beyond our time together
  • The WEBINAR ONLY bonus of 3 1-on-1 coaching sessions so you get in-depth feedback on your offer

Our 100% "You Can't Fail" Guarantee

We guarantee that, if you implement what we teach you in this course, you will earn at least 100% of what you paid for the course in sales. And if you don't, we'll make up the difference.

That's right, we just guaranteed you will make 100% of what you invest in this course.

Isn't it about time you earned what you're worth?

So, what's it going to be? 

Will you continue struggling to get clients and resorting to cutting your fees to get them to say yes? To taking on anyone willing to pay, even though you know they aren't the people you want to be working with?

Or are you finally going to make a change?

You are 12 weeks away from holding the key to creating clients on demand and commanding the fees that accurately reflect the value you provide.

The choice is yours.

Erickson Business Coaching

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