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Presented by...

Ed Erickson


Nov 14, 2020

2pm Central

(3pm EST / 12pm PST)

About Ed: Ed Erickson helps skilled professionals become as good at running their practice as they are at practicing their craft.

His no-nonsense, field-tested approach to building businesses provides clients with the tools to create a thriving practice that works and makes money.

Not sure what to do next? Have an idea for your business and want an outside opinion?

Get answers and feedback on your business challenges. Free. Just sign up, show up, and get your turn on the hot seat.

Some things you can ask about...

  • Are you targeting the ideal customer for your business? How can you make your message to them more compelling?
  • Does your idea for a new product or service make sense? What can I do to adapt my product or service to the times or a new market?
  • How do you handle a situation with an employee? What steps can you take to increase morale and productivity?
  • What should you be focused on right now, given current events? How can you avoid being dragged into a cycle of fear and paralysis?
  • Any other questions, challenges, or ideas you have about your business, your leadership, or your mindset

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