Free Download: How to Write a Better Job Description

Position Agreements are the new Job Description

Many business owners only write a job description when they need to hire someone.  And those rarely amount to more than a wish list of qualifications.

Not too useful.

What if you could create a document that actually helped your employees do their job?

That is exactly what a position agreement does.

This free guide and template from EMyth and Erickson Business Coaching shows you how.

Learn to write a position agreement that details employees’ responsibilities and shows how to achieve them. It lets you be clear about expectations for outcomes, activities, and conduct.

In other words, it is a living guide for all employees to what they need to do every day in the business.

This guide will teach you how to write:

Results statements. Help employees understand why their position exists and what result they are responsible for producing.

Work listings. Detail the exact requirements to produce the expected result.

Standards. Describe how the work should be performed.

Your finished Position Agreements will:

  • help your team stay focused
  • make hiring easier
  • give your employees a sense of stability

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