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How to Make Your Email Marketing Super Effective

Email marketing is an effective tool and can alert your clients (and potential clients) of important information they need.

While emails are one of the most effective marketing tools in a business leader’s arsenal, it is one of the easiest to misuse.

But there’s a way to guarantee to make it an effective and successful tool.

For example, are you getting a lot of “unread” notifications? If your clients aren’t opening your content you’re not getting the desired reaction. We want email marketing to attract rabidly loyal fans that devour our content, so we’ve devised 5 tips to bolster your strategy.

Make the most out of your email marketing strategy by focusing (and excelling) at these five top factors:

  1. Timing
  2. Content
  3. Gentle Pull-ins
  4. Viable Leads
  5. Type of Campaign
  6. BONUS 6: Style


Be persistently present. If you are clogging your client’s inboxes with unimportant updates they will unsubscribe.

Make a specific and intentional send schedule. Enhance this schedule by researching your optimal send times.

Time of Day

When are your clients and potential clients most likely to open and amiable to receiving an email?

Examine all available data and isolate your clicks, unsubscribes, and highest engagement zones.  This will be different for every demographic, but there are some universal appeals and the demos that respond best to them.


A lot of face-paced and high pressure industries expect their employees to percolate with productivity.  If your demo is type-a, busy professionals become a vital part of their morning inbox check. 


This is a great time to send if you’re at the beginning stages of discovering your ideal demo. It is a universal time where most professionals have a chance to pause and check-in on their inbox. You’ll avoid both the morning fog and the unfocused time before lunch.


Your audience will be fortified and awake. Catch the attention of your audience when they are looking for a break or distraction after a long morning of productivity. This is a great time for those with standard and consistent working hours. 


 A lot of people do a final sweep of their inbox before bed. While that means they’re looking around 10pm, sending at 8 gives your message plenty of time to appear at the top of their feed. Take the opportunity to remind them of  a decision or action that they may have avoided. It will give them a chance to sleep on it and act the following day.

Day of the Week 

Statistically, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays  are the most likely days to result in engagement.

The bookend days typically get weaker results. Monday is typically a catch-up day. Any new messages may be missed or rounded up in a broad clean sweep. Friday is too close to the weekend. Even if a message is opened and received with positive intentions, it is highly likely the receiver will forget about it over the weekend. 

Stick to the days in the middle of the week to give your content the best chance at an open and interaction. Hint: the best of these days seems to be Tuesday!


You need irresistible content. Fact.

This is especially salient for blog entries. Deliver useful information. But there’s a difference between leaving nothing up to the imagination vs. leaving them wanting more. Provide insightful and lucrative insight without making your product or services unnecessary. No one will buy something that they can get for free.

For shorter emails like newsletters and updates provide information that is exclusive, motivating, and necessary. Content that demands action will increase your click-through and engagement rates. Time sensitive offers or content that poses questions are good starter call-to-actions that any email marketing campaign can employ.

Gentle Pull-Ins

If someone stopped responding mid-conversation, you’d be concerned. So don't let unresponsive clients go unattended. Remind clients that haven’t engaged in a while that you’re still around. Just like a store reminds you when you’ve abandoned a cart online, gently nudge your clients back into relevance.

Another great method to retain and/or bring clients back is by campaigning with exclusive offers or updates about new features.

Want to intincise undecided clients? Try pulling them in by promoting recent testimonials backed by data. It can maintain loyalty with your current clients and persuade potential clients to commit.

Unsatisfied with your marketing? We want to help you land lucrative leads that are ideal for your business. We will  create a marketing strategy that increases your client base, grows your business and actualizes your vision of success. 

Viable Leads

Your leads won’t make an impact if they’re not going to the appropriate inboxes. Who is your target audience? Make specific choices and qualifications. You won’t get good traction spreading your content an inch deep and mile wide. Instead go an inch wide and a mile deep. Don't be afraid to narrow your focus. There will be people left out, but that's OK. 

Refocus on the select few who are most likely to act.

By narrowing your target demo you will be able to increase your content’s effectiveness. It should seem like it was tailor-made for them-because it was.

Campaign Type

What is the purpose of your message: to gain clients, introduce new clients, update clients, to promote a product or special, or inform clients to recent changes? Schedule and design a campaign for all your needs.

Every campaign should have different goals and pathways for the receiver based on their interactions. The secret is having an organized and specific goal for every campaign. The more specific and intentioned your campaign the more likely it is to yield results.

Hint: Use a SaaS or specific email marketing service to streamline this process and automate your process for the ultimate impact.


The way you present your message will have an impact on its success.

Too much text will bog down readers. Instead, use headings and subheadings to break-up bodies of text and provide more accurate skim-ability.

Use bold and attractive graphics that enhance your message. Don’t go for a comic or meme if it’s going to detract from your message and/or undermine your professionalism. Adding additional links and attachments are clear and effective calls to action. These will boost your opens and engagements. 

Putting it all together

An email campaign is a great way to call your audience to action.

Make the most of it by following the above steps.

If you don’t know where to begin when setting up and maintaining multiple campaign journeys reach out. Our team can help assist you in making irresistible email content and effective campaigns. Inquire about our FREE break-through session to get you started.

If you are ready to create marketing content that yields real results, reach out to our team today!

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