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How to make a bold and effective offer sequence

What is the number one problem with lead generation? A lack of lead conversion.

A majority of clients come to me with this exact problem. They've set up a funnel, but they’re not seeing viable leads come out of it.

Why does this happen?

Your funnel can “leak” leads for many reasons. But the most common culprit is a weak follow-up sequence.

A follow-up sequence is your chance to engage with a potential client after you have their interest. Initiate a sequence as soon as possible (immediately) following a lead or connection. There are three major categories of sequences: email, social media, and personal.

Email Sequence:

First Contact: Introduction.

Share your mission statement and credentials. Distinguish yourself as an expert in your field (you are!) It is crucial to build intrigue and trust. Foster their interest by acknowledging their problem. People buy holes not drills! Know what your client ultimately needs and sell them that, not the process to get it.

Be as specific as possible. Write with an  ideal client in mind. Content should feel like it is only meant for them. 

Second and Third Contact: Sell Problem (Show Solution).

Turn-up the heat on your call-to-action. Sell the problem and demonstrate the solution.  Add value with some content. That could mean a download or quiz- anything that can turn your words into action. 

Filter out your warm, cool, and hot leads in this stage. Those who remain engaged (open content and interact/click) deserve your laser focus.

Fourth Contact: Testimonial.

This is your chance to provide “social proof.” Humanize your process. Give potential clients a chance to envision themselves in these success stories. Decrease any apprehension. Get leads closer to commitment.  

Fifth Contact: Make Use of Metrics.

 If social proof isn’t convincing enough, now is the time to qualify your success. Use bold graphics and key percentages to illustrate what exactly your services can do for them. 

Sixth Contact: Offer. 

Make an irresistible offer. Highlight your guarantee to make sure nothing stands in the way of closing.

  • PROS:
  • Can be automated
  • Great for high volume leads
  • Allows you to control flow of content
  • Multiple calls-to-action give you multiple offer opportunities
  • Establishes trust before working together
  • CONS:  
  • Emails can be ignored/left unopened
  • Without proper technology it can run into format errors or flag spam alerts

Social Media Sequence:

First Contact: The Post. 

Unlike an email sequence you can’t control when you’ll have an introduction. (Have a pinned intro post and/or an up-to-date bio for that.)

What you can control is when you post. Set a schedule for your content. Consistent posts will help you build an audience and establish an expectation of new content. It prepares you to be on high-alert for interactions. Always post (singular or sequences) with a specific goal in mind. 

Second Contact: The Follow.

Follow accounts (businesses, potential clients, experts etc.)  that enrich your timeline. Surround yourself with relevant and thoughtful content. 

Third Contact: Direct Interaction.  

Always thank and engage with comments (even negative ones!) Control the conversation.

Direct messages are a good way to personally invite a potential client to more tailored content (email campaign or download) or set-up a consultation.

Fourth Contact: The Offer.

Once you’ve established a connection, it’s time to make an offer.

  • PROS:
  • Has vast reach
  • Can be informal/less intimidating
  • Strong visual branding 
  • CONS:
  • Further removed = less urgency to act
  • Can become tedious/impossible to respond timely 24/7

Is your social media not converting as many leads as you need? We can help!

Personal Sequence:

First Contact: Introduction.  

Make a genuine human connection. Whether it’s in-person, on the phone, or over Zoom give the prospect your full attention and try to connect on a personal level. 

Second Contact: Follow Up.  

Follow up as soon as possible to keep the momentum of your first interaction going. Follow up with an email a few hours after you’ve met. Summarize your meeting and demonstrate your commitment to their business. Send a few follow-ups as necessary, but don't take too long to get to the point. Make firm plans for a consultation or a next step.

Third Contact: Consultation.  

This is a trial for the both of you. It will give you the ultimate indicator if you make business sense together.

Fourth Contact: The Offer. 

If you think you will be a good match and they can benefit from working with you, make an offer.

  • PROS:
  • Personal connection
  • Attracts motivated buyers
  • Allows both you and buyer to access the fit of your partnership
  • CONS:
  • Requires the most time/”hand holding”
  • Need the high interest or "hot lead" customers to work
  • More resources are lost if not closed
  • Low volume leads

Putting it all together

Choose the follow-up sequence that works best for your business.

Set yourself up for success. Buy the right CRM service to get the most out of your leads. It would take a superhuman to input all leads and send out individual email sequences. Use technology to your advantage to reach the most leads.

Excited to convert more leads?

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