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How to empower your mind to thrive in crisis

When your business is faced with extreme change and challenges you can do 1 of three things:

1.    Ignore everything and pretend it's business as usual

2.   Hunker down and hope things pass by quickly

3.   Pivot and Proceed

In the last blog we talked about diagnosing the most urgent areas of your business. Now we’re going through the “treatment” process.

That process begins with your mindset.

That quote emphasizes the importance of your mindset when treating your business.

This doesn’t mean you should be blindly positive or optimistic. I understand this is a very tense and uncertain time. Many of us may feel overwhelmed or hopeless. That is valid. But you can take steps to enhance your mindset.

 Let’s break it down.

 What can’t you control?




What can you control?




What does that mean for you and your business?

You can’t control what is going on, but you can control how you react.

Redirect nervous or anxious energy into areas of chosen focus.  

Proactive planning will help you center your focus. Regain control in small steps. Don't plan too far in advance. Time will make some plans obsolete if circumstances change. Don't plan to address too much at once. You will feel overwhelmed. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Increase your endurance. Extend your stamina. Implement small and lasting changes.  

Think like a navy seal.

  •  Micro-goals
  • Picture the feeling of the result    
  • Be your own biggest cheerleader   
  • When all else fails, breathe

Your business can do anything if you prepare correctly.

Taper your expectations. You can’t expect to accomplish it overnight or even in a year (for your most ambitious goals). Great things take time. So be willing to put it in. Take your biggest goals and break them down into micro-goals. I know it’s not the most glamorous or exciting process, but I promise you it WORKS.

What happens when you get behind pace or feel discouraged?

It is completely normal to struggle. You won't see instant results. You will see little improvements compound overtime. Despite set-backs you have to trust the process.  Get back on track.

Motivate yourself through visualization.

Picture yourself after you’ve accomplished your goal. Think of how much more secure or happier you’ll be. Work towards that image. 

Keep working with that actualized self in mind and one day it will be a reality.

Be your biggest fan.

Don’t wait for accolades, give them. You need to be your biggest cheerleader. You should be the person who cares the most if you succeed. Be behind yourself 1000% and be willing to invest everything in your happiness and ambition.

What happens if all else fails? Breathe.

Take a break.

If you are struggling to re-center and refocus your energy you need to take a step back. Give yourself time to breathe. Remind yourself why you’re on this path (think of your projection image) and make a list of all the reasons you started this journey. Try to honor your current low, but don’t let it define you. You have the strength to work through anything and get back on track.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? We can help your business strategize and make micro-goals that will get you on track to achieving your biggest goals. We will keep you accountable and motivated. 

When you’ve got your ideal mindset, you need to make a choice.

Where should that new focused energy go?

Identify the areas you need to work on.

There are three places to look:

1.   If your business is in crisis now, there was probably a weak spot before all this happened. Where is it? 

2.   What were those things you always meant to get to, but never did?

3.   What will you need to do differently in the brave new world?

Once you look in all those areas start working on your definition of “success.”  Ideally, this is unambiguous and measurable. All your goals should lead you to actualizing that clear idea of success.

 A good starting place is to be honest with your current reality.

  •  What are you doing now?
  •   What’s good / not good about it?
  • What’s the result you’re getting now?

I can guarantee you if you were doing everything right you would already fit that definition of success.

But you probably don’t, and that’s OK! Actually, that describes most business owners. There is a gap between where we are now and where we want to be.

Identify the gap between your current reality and success.  

What needs to change and how do you make that change happen?

Remember your micro goals! Begin to bridge the gap in small steps. Break down goals into manageable chunks. Keep track of your progress so you can periodically re-access your goals and adjust if needed. 

If you are struggling to focus your energy or want help guiding your business through a difficult time, reach out to our team.

We have years of experience empowering business owners.

Let’s make that image of success your reality. 

If you are having trouble knowing exactly where your business should be going or what you need to make your journey successful, we can help!

Book a free 1-hour Breakthrough Consultation with us.

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