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How to create an irresistible offer now

The economy has changed.

There are new ways people shop, interact, and gather.


Unemployment rates have risen. Intermittent shutdowns and social distancing orders may return.

Considering that it’s easy to believe that no one is spending money right now.

But that’s not true.

People still have a basic need for products and services. That hasn’t changed. Buying triggers have.

Basically: it’s not what people are buying, but why.

As a business owner you are facing new challenges, but they’re not insurmountable. You can still find buyers and dedicated clients. But you’re going to need to put in the work.

Ask yourself 3 critical questions:

1.    What problem is your customer trying to solve?

2.    What solution are they looking for?

3.    What will getting that solution do for them?

What problem is your customer trying to solve?

The saying goes people buy holes, not drills.  Your client isn’t buying the solution they’re buying the problem. So how do you re-frame your business this way?

Determine the problem. Be as clear and specific as possible.

This marketing strategy is effective. Think back to the drill. The consumer doesn’t want a drill they want holes. But they need the drill to achieve that result. So instead of focusing on the process (your product) emphasize the result (the problem).

You can appeal to this problem by addressing it intrinsically, functionally, and emotionally.


The thing they will get.

This is the most basic definition you can give to the problem. It addresses their problem and proves you have the solution.

I will use the example of how I would market chiropractic service.


A simple procedure to reduce pain and provide long-term relief.

A helpful tip is that there’s a difference between a “front door” and “back door” problem. 

Front door: something easily recognizable.

Back-door: something deeper or a systemic issue that exacerbates and prolongs surface problems.

Which should you appeal to?

Ideally your product will solve both types of problems, but it’s best to address the front door problem when pitching. The main reason is back door problems are often hard to detect by the client and they won’t invest in solving a problem they don’t think they have.


What the thing will do for them.

Think of this as the “buy this so you can ______.” Connect their problem with the solution. Bridge the gap between what they need and how they’ll achieve their desired outcome.

I will continue with the chiropractic pitch.


So you can reduce damage of current injuries, prevent further harm, and maintain a pain-free lifestyle.


How they’ll feel when they get it.

This is your chance to answer their “So what?” question. Even if you address a known problem you have to convince your client it’s worth solving. If they don’t see the urgency or benefit of solving their problem, they won’t act. Compel them to act by helping them visualize what they will gain.

I will continue with the chiropractic theme.


More pain-free days, better health and exercises to maintain long-term progress.

Your client has many needs.  It is your job to market with actualizing those needs in mind.

Make your offer more compelling:

  1. Increase the value they get (Give the customer more for the same price)
  2. Offer in smaller pieces
  3. Spread out your delivery over a longer time

Increase the value

Remove risk. Offer a money-back guarantee or a no-commitment free trial. This is a great way to convince a consumer that is on the fence. By removing their worry of loss you can make an offer that will excite them and close the deal.

Are you struggling with making or closing sales? Our team will help you create an irresistible offer and get you on track to achieving your biggest goals.

Offer in smaller pieces

Give the customer less for a lower price. Sometimes a customer can’t afford it all. Instead of losing out completely on a sale divvy up your services into smaller more affordable chunks. They might not get the full treatment, but this allows you to build a relationship with them and hopefully gain them as a client.

Spread out delivery time

Spread out payments over a longer time. Payment plans help a client feel less overwhelmed. And it can help save you on labor! When you restructure your delivery over a longer period of time you won’t be beholden to a rushed deadline and can avoid overtime hours.

Your job is to show how you will make their lives better.

Are you making them or saving them money? Will you improve your health and/or safety?

These are just a few questions that can help inform what major areas of lifestyle improvement your company is targeting.

Once you know what sector you want to target it will be easier to identify the problems that need to be solved. It’s better to be specific than vague. The urge is to promise to improve all of the above, but doing so will spread your offer too thin. A watered down offer will be unconvincing.  Find your singular, specific problem and stick to it. That (and that alone) is what your offer should address. 

Next steps!

What matters to your customers now?

Access what is the most urgent problem affecting your clients right now. Appeal to that. Don’t lose focus. Keep networking, keep the conversation going. No matter how you feel about the current economic climate, you can’t give up. Always work on making sales and connections. Continue to act as though your business is growing despite what you may feel or be worrying about. Invest in your success.  Continue to give every opportunity equal follow-through and enthusiasm. 

How do you change your offer to be more compelling?

Are you struggling with knowing exactly how to make your offer more compelling? Our team is here to help. We have helped countless businesses make a clear, compelling, and convincing offer that attracts rabidly loyal and active clients. We can help you craft an offer that your ideal clients can't refuse.

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