Coaching Programs | Erickson Business Coaching
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Coaching Programs

We offer two coaching programs.

  • JumpStart Program

  • 6 1-hour sessions

    6 to 12 weeks

    One-time payment

    Best for:

    Work on a specific project or issue


    Annual revenue below $200k

    In business less than 1 year or haven’t opened the business yet

    Want to see if coaching is right for you

  • EMyth Coaching Program

  • 2 to 3 sessions per month

    Ongoing, recommend at least 6 months

    Monthly fee, no minimum commitment

    Best for:

    Long-term growth and transformation of the business

    Owner-operated businesses with employees

    Annual revenue of at least $200k

    In business at least 1 year

    Ready to commit to a new way of doing things