Client Attractor Strategy Session

Start magnetically attracting your exact ideal client who is clamouring to pay premium fees to work with you.

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How many times have you been frustrated by prospects who just didn’t get how much you could help them?

How many times have you talked to someone you knew you could help and they said no?

And they knew you could help...and they still said no.

And to add insult to injury...when you do get someone interested, you often have to discount your fee to get them to work with you.

This is not what you pictured when you set out on your own.

Not. At. All.

Instead of living the dream and earning great money, you're constantly scrambling to get enough business to scrape by. Instead of daydreaming about the next epic trip you're going to take your family on, you're carefully planning how to make ends meet.

Maybe you're even starting to contemplate the unthinkable - closing the doors and going back to work for someone else.

It frustrating. It’s terrifying. And it’s fixable. So let's fix it!

In our 30-minute Strategy Session, we'll...

  1. Zero in on what's stopping you from getting all the clients you want at the fees you deserve
  2. Audit your current offer to uncover the weak spots so you know what to work on
  3. Craft concrete action steps for you to take as soon as you hang up the phone to attract and close your ideal clients

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