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What our clients say...

We're really proud of the work we've done for our clients. We're even more proud of the work they've done to transform their businesses and their lives.

Read on to see how they've benefitted from our work together.


With Ed’s help I am formulating a doable, actionable plan to achieve some pretty serious goals. He is clear minded and focused on helping me get to the place where this small business of mine will ultimately…work for me vs me work for it. I am extremely confident in his leadership and encourage you, if you are struggling in your business, to check him out.

Andryea Natkin 

Tiny Pieces 


Coaching has opened my eyes and expanded my thinking in what the business needs, what key positions and qualities are required for each position to find the best fit. I am still learning but the good news is I did not have to close the business and we are expanding! Thanks to coaching with Ed Erickson!

Poonam McAllister
Central Illinois Institute of Balance


Ed works with me at a deeper level and guides in changing mindsets and processes that have positively impacted my business and my personal life. Over the past 6 months, Ed has enabled me to formulate a business vision and philosophy, set goals, and guided me to effectively focus my marketing and sales efforts.

Gary Hall
Aspiria Interior Design


Ed showed me that there are ways to put structure into the business and get clarity for finding and keeping the right employees. I followed his coaching advice and used his templates to create procedures, and job descriptions, so everyone knows what to do and what role they have.

Now, I'm feeling very clear about how to find the right staff to express my brand and get the job done confidently, so that I can focus my attention on growing my business.

Lori Correia

Holistic Sports & Injury Massage


Ed is a great business coach. He has exceptional skills when it comes to understanding business challenges and providing strategy and guidance on overcoming them. Working with him has been pleasure and I will highly recommend him if you are looking for a strategic partner.

Solomon Thimothy


Ed has really pushed us forward and is doing an excellent job of holding us accountable with all that we do. We can't speak highly enough of Ed. He has a wealth of knowledge that has helped us down a path we have never been. The progress we have made is tremendous.

Steve Baker
Bakerture Photo & Video


Ed Erickson is awesome! He is patient and persistent. With his guidance, I feel confident that I can reach my goals. I like the step by step clear instructions. I go to seminars and they speak in grand terms but Ed has been able to make it tangible and set out the steps. Ed is taking me from theory to practical.

Nate Watkins

Troy Technologies


Ed is awesome, he's a national treasure if you ask me.

His pragmatic approach and willingness to mastermind with me have been a fantastic additional to my fledgling career as a true entrepreneur. 3 months from now, I can see myself in a very good place, making some money, weather my present major storm and looking forward to building my successful dream company!

Samantha Gooden
Scotch Bonnet


A business partner and friend recommended Ed's business coaching style as a good match for my own, and she was right. In our first conversation, Ed helped me see and feel the gap between where my business is and where I need it to be, then made sure I was committed to working with him as my coach before agreeing to take me on as a client. In each of our sessions so far, he has given me practical advice that I could act on that same day. And, I'm beginning to see results.

Julie Umnus
Artisan Etc