About Us

Erickson Business Coaching provides the tools to turn business owners into the leaders of thriving businesses

First, Let's Talk About YOU!

You’ve spent a lifetime getting great at what you do. You are the expert, so, naturally, you expect you should also be expert at creating a thriving business.

But it just isn’t working out that way. 

There are so many things your business needs to succeed…

...Dialing in your sales and marketing to attract clients

...Fine tuning how you deliver to create unforgettable customer experiences

...Finding and leading a great team

...Putting the structure in place so the business isn’t dependent on any individual (including you!)

The truth is being great at what you do and being great at running a business are different things. And no one ever taught you how to be great at running a business. Until now.

Our mission is to make skilled professionals as good at running their practice as they are at practicing their craft.

We’re here to give you the tools, strategies, and skills to build a thriving business around that thing you’re great at doing, so you can finally get the freedom you dreamed about when you opened your business and make a real impact on the world.

When your business works, you can be free from overwhelm and you can focus on what you do best.

Create a business that works for you. Book your free Business Breakthrough Session now.

Stand Out In An Increasingly Crowded Marketplace

New businesses who do what you do spring up every day. 

To thrive in an increasingly competitive market, being great at what you do isn’t good enough. And being just like everyone else is a sure path to failure.

At Erickson Business Coaching, we help people through training and mentorship that give you the skill, support, and confidence you need to transform your business into one that just works - and transform yourself into the leader it needs.

We believe that every successful business is a reflection of its owner. That’s why we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to creating a business. 

We are against the idea that there is a single right answer or the right way everyone in fill-in-the-blank industry should do something. Your business is unique and must reflect you and the unique value you provide. 

There is no right answer, just the right for you answer. 

That’s why we focus on teaching the building blocks and the strategies of how to put them together. Working with us is kind of like getting a big lego set. Everyone may start with the same set of materials, but they can be put together in infinite ways to create your unique business.

We Teach You To Fish...

We don’t believe you need a guru to save you. In fact, we don’t believe any guru can save you.

We’re not the leader you need to follow, we’re the guide who shows you how to step into your own leadership. Our business isn’t about making our clients depend on us. It’s about building our clients up so they can depend on themselves.

We’re here to teach, nurture, and support. And, when the time comes, send our clients out into the world with the skill and confidence to thrive for decades into the future.

Our Approach To Business Training & Coaching

As a business owner, it’s critical that you learn the important skills they never taught you in school. And it’s critical that you learn the skills that will allow you to create your own success - over and over again.

That’s why - unlike many other trainers, coaches, and gurus - we don’t focus on any particular technique, technology, or business fad of the moment. Instead, we focus on showing you how and why the fundamental building blocks of a business work. When you understand the fundamentals, you will always be prepared to compete using whatever tools, techniques, or tech that’s in fashion at the moment.

It’s true, doing it this way takes longer and it’s harder work. We don’t believe in quick-fix solutions. They don’t work - in your business or in any other aspect of your life. The truth is, nothing worth having comes easy. Your ideal business is no exception.

You can have the business you want. If you can picture it, and if you have the will to create it, it can be yours. 

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