We build businesses that work

Erickson Business Coaching provides the tools to turn business owners into the leaders of thriving businesses

Erickson Business Coaching exists to empower small business owners to build thriving businesses that let them live their best life.

Erickson Business Coaching was born from a desire to help small business owners create the business they dream of. From a desire to make a difference for our clients so they can make a difference in the world.

We built our approach on a simple, but often counter-intuitive, idea. All the hard work and training that made our clients great at what they do didn't do anything to prepare them to run a business. We fill in that missing piece.

Our work together starts with understanding. Understanding where your business is today and where you want to take it. It also starts with understanding why you do what you do and what's getting in your way.

We work right by your side to implement our proven process for building a business. Think of it as business school for the real world.

But it's more than that. We become the rock you can lean on. The person who can give you strength when you think you can't go on. Your head cheerleader for all the big and small victories along the way. And the trusted advisor who tells you the things you need to hear.

Make no mistake. Building a business is hard work. And success isn't guaranteed. But with our help - and your commitment - you tilt the odds greatly in your favor.

Our work with business owners just like you has resulted in:

  • A doubling of sales year-over-year
  • A significant reduction in the hours owners are working in the business
  • A nearly 4x increase in the close rate for new business
  • A significant reduction in staff turnover and increase in morale
  • Huge increases in the owner's confidence as a leader

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Meet Ed

I founded Erickson Business Coaching in 2015. Coaching came after a decade of building my own consulting firm. And another decade before that working in leadership roles in other people's companies.

I wasn't always successful. There were many early years where I spun my wheels and burned myself out. I was trying to win by working harder.

Once I figured out the brute-force approach wasn't going to work. I needed to figure out how to work smarter.

I spent years researching, training, and reading. I pulled bits from here and there. Combined threads to make them greater than the sum of the parts. And assembled it all into a business building process.

That's the process I teach my clients today. That process is what allowed me to build 3 businesses from nothing to more than $5 million in sales and get great results for my clients.

But money isn't everything. I'm driven by the opportunity to help other business owners avoid the mistakes I made. And I get great satisfaction from knowing I made a difference in my clients' lives.

Get Started

Group Training

Group Training Programs

Select from our 8 to 12 week programs that focus on a specific aspect of your business.

These are best for business owners who are looking for focused work in a single area, or who may be new to coaching and aren't ready to make the longer term commitment to 1-on-1 coaching.

1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching

Work directly with a coach to build a business that works for you.

This is best for business owners who want to work on their whole business and create something that will stand the test of time. It's also for those who are looking for individual mentoring and accountability.