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November 13, 2019

2pm Eastern

11 am Pacific

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Walk away from this webinar with a roadmap to making your offer irresistible to prospects so you get more leads, close more sales, and make more money.

You're going to discover...

  • Simple steps you can take that will skyrocket your credibility in prospect's eyes so you close more sales
  • The top reason your prospects are focused on price and how to overcome it so you can collect premium fees
  • How to zero-in on what your prospects really want to hear from you (it’s probably not what you’re saying to them now) so they’ll be clamoring to work with you
  • How slight changes in the language you use can make a huge difference in how many prospects you convert to paying clients
  • Why being the “expert” can actually work against you when talking to a prospect and how to adjust your approach so you can more effectively move them from prospect to client
  • The not-so-obvious (but easily fixable) mistake that most service providers make when talking about what they do that kills their conversion rates

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