1-on-1 Coaching

Your journey to a business that works starts here.

Succeeding in business wasn't supposed to be this hard

Before 1-on-1 coaching

You had big dreams when you started your business. You were going to get to do the work you loved, make more money, and have the freedom to live the life you wanted.

The reality turned out to be a little different.

You’re working constantly, the money isn’t coming as fast as you hoped, and freedom - well - that’s nowhere to be found. You’re often feeling overworked and overwhelmed. On your bad days, you even think about shutting it all down and getting a job.

There’s a fundamental reason why you’re feeling this way.

Doing the work of your business and running your business are very different things.

You’ve spent years becoming great at doing the work of your business. But all that training and experience never taught you how to run a business.

That's where Erickson Business Coaching comes in

We turn business owners into leaders of thriving businesses by teaching them a proven, straight-forward method of building their business.

By working our method, you’ll go from scrambling to get it done to being calm and in control. You’ll stop making it up as you go along and start working a deliberate plan to achieve your goals. You’ll turn your business from something that stops working the moment you stop working to a business that can work without you.

In the end, you get a business that just works and the life you want to live. Isn’t that why you started this company in the first place?

after 1-on-1 coaching

How does coaching work?

Getting Started

When you start working with Erickson Business Coaching, we start by getting a clear picture of the current state of your business. Together, we’ll assess how well - or not - every aspect of your business functions and begin to layout a plan for the work we need to do. Then, we get to work.

Getting it done

Our coaching program has three main elements to help you build the business you want.


Unlimited Access to Resource Library

We’ve put together resources to jump start your progress. In the library, you’ll find content to teach you the fundamentals in each of the six incubators, along with templates and worksheets to guide you through implementation every step of the way.


Bi-weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Every two weeks (26 times per year), you’ll meet 1-on-1 with your coach. You’ll use that time to work on implementing the material in your business, get all your questions answered, go deep on the mental game of leadership, and work on any pressing issues in your business.


"Always on" Support

Questions and challenges don’t arrive on a regular schedule, so that’s why your coach will be there for you by email, text, or short phone call whenever you need it.


In addition to the regular coaching work, all of our 1-on-1 coaching clients get free access to all live and virtual events. Whether it’s a 1 hour webinar or a multi-day workshop, you’ll have VIP access.

This one phone call could change your life. 

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What our clients say


Ed has really pushed us forward and is doing an excellent job of holding us accountable with all that we do. We can't speak highly enough of Ed. He has a wealth of knowledge that has helped us down a path we have never been. The progress we have made is tremendous.

Steve Baker 

Bakerture Photo & Video


Ed is a great business coach. He has exceptional skills when it comes to understanding business challenges and providing strategy and guidance on overcoming them. Working with him has been pleasure and I will highly recommend him if you are looking for a strategic partner.

Solomon Thimothy


Ed Erickson is awesome! He is patient and persistent. With his guidance, I feel confident that I can reach my goals. I like the step by step clear instructions. I go to seminars and they speak in grand terms but Ed has been able to make it tangible and set out the steps. Ed is taking me from theory to practical.

Nate Watkins
Troy Technologies

A thriving business lives at the intersection of what you stand for, who you serve, and how you do it.

Just like a 3-legged stool needs all three legs to be in place to stand, your business needs all three of these aspects in place and working to thrive. And the sad truth is that one or more of these elements is missing or incomplete in most small businesses.

Erickson Business Coaching’s program is designed to systematically work on each of these elements by working through a series of six incubators. Each action-oriented incubator is designed to move you from strategic thinking into implementation. So, you have tangible results at each step.

The program will transform your business from a place where you do all the work yourself into a well organized machine that can run without you. You can grow the business and enjoy the freedom you were looking for when you started it. Just imagine, you can build a business that makes you feel fulfilled, confident, and secure because your business is aligned with what matters to you, has created happy, loyal clients, and provides financially for you and your family.

It's time to build a business that works. 

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Incubator 1: Build Your Foundation

As anyone who’s ever built a house knows, without a solid foundation, the house falls down. The exact same thing is true in your business. That’s why we start our work together by working on the foundation of your business.

You will create a solid foundation of skills, mindset, self-knowledge, and goals to support the growth of your business. You will stop going in circles and move quickly and efficiently toward goals that are aligned with your values and purpose. By the end of this incubator, you’ll feel confident that you are moving in the right direction and you are equipped to handle whatever challenges arise.


Incubator 2: Nail Your Niche

One of the biggest reasons small businesses struggle is because they haven’t done a good enough job identifying their ideal customer, structuring their product to meet the customer’s needs, or both. Nail Your Niche fixes that.

In this Incubator, you’ll get a clear view of your ideal customer and create an offer that perfectly meets their needs. Stop wasting time making the wrong offer to the wrong customer and fill your business with the exact people you want to serve and who want and will pay a premium for what you offer. By the end, you’ll have increased confidence in your ability to attract and serve your niche.


Incubator 3: Manage Your Money

Dealing with the finances may very well be the most despised task a small business owner needs to deal with. While you don’t need to become an accountant, a working knowledge of the books and the ability to use the financial statements to understand your business is critical.

You’ll create a system to plan and monitor your business’ financial health. This incubator will give you a solid working knowledge of the state of your business’ finances


Incubator 4: Get It Done

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your marketing is, or how well you’ve dialed in your promise to your ideal customer if you can’t deliver. In Get It Done, we’ll focus on getting your house in order and building an efficient, effective machine to deliver on your promises.

You’ll create the structure and process your business needs to do things right, every time. You can finally stop reinventing the wheel every time something has to get done and be confident that everything is getting done right, every time. By the end of this incubator, you'll feel like you can finally take a breath because you've built a consistent, repeatable process for amazing your customers.


Incubator 5: Turn On The Firehose

You’ve spent the last 4 incubators finding your ideal customer, honing your offer, and building an amazing delivery machine. Now it’s time to fill your pipeline with prospects.

You’ll create an effective, repeatable process for generating leads and closing sales with your ideal customer. That will allow you to get off the sales roller coaster by creating a steady stream of new leads and new customers for your business. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can generate clients on demand.


Incubator 6: Build Your Team

With all the success you’ll be having from your work in the first 5 incubators, you’re going to need some help. That’s why Build Your Team is all about, well, building your team.

You’ll learn the tools and the skills to find and hire the best people for your company and a process to ensure your team members are as committed to your company's success as you are. You’ll finally be able to stop doing all the work yourself and be confident that everything is getting done exactly how you want it done. By the end of this incubator, you'll feel like you can finally take a breath because you've built a team that has your back.

How long are you willing to stay stuck? 

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You can do this!

Imagine leading a business that just works. You’re working with the exact clients you want to work with. You’re surrounded by an engaged, motivated team who cares as much about your mission as you do. Everyone is following a well crafted playbook so they deliver as expected, every time.

And you rest easier and live the life you want to live.

But you have to take the first step.