Tired of feeling maxed out trying to run a business that seems to be stuck in place? We can help.

Go from making it up as you go along to knowing exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how it’s going to get done. 

If you’re done running in circles, apply for a free consultation to see how our proven business coaching methods will help you build a business that works.

Why does running your business feel like you’re running in circles?

You’re great at what you do. You work harder than anyone you know, but the financial success and lifestyle you envisioned remains just beyond your grasp.

Instead of long summer weekends at the lake house or quality time at home, you spend most of your waking hours toiling away at work. 

Maybe it’s the endless hustle to land the next client. Or the mad scramble to get the work out on time. Or the rush to put out the latest five-alarm fire that flared up at the office.

All those things conspire to keep you stressed out and running in circles until you’ve worn a rut in the floor so deep you can barely see over the edge. 

As a result, it’s not only your business that suffers. How frustrated is your partner over quality time you spend with them being second to the time you spend running your business? And how much longer before all the take-out dinners, stress, and generally ignoring your health catches up to you?

Without a doubt, not what you signed up for when you started your business.

I'm Ed Erickson. I turn overworked business owners into effective, successful, and happy business leaders.

You got into business to make a difference. For yourself, your family, your clients, and your community. But it’s impossible to do that when you spend most of your time and energy just trying to keep up.

If you want your business to thrive and to make a difference, you need to break the cycle and get on a path that leads to the business and the life you want to lead. We do that through training and mentoring programs that give you the tools, support, and accountability to become the leader you want to be.

I went into business for myself over 15 years ago. In that time, I’ve learned a few things about how to make a business work.


I made All. The. Mistakes. 

And I figured out how to stop making them. Today, I’m on a mission to help business owners like you get there faster and easier by learning from my mistakes.

How to work with us

The world isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of place. And neither are the programs, business coaching, and workshops we deliver. Pick your biggest challenge to learn more about how we can work together to overcome it.

I need more clients

I’m coming up short of what I want or need, not attracting the right prospects, or can’t seem to get a consistent flow of new business.

Build a consistent pipeline of quality prospects...

My business feels stuck

The business isn’t really growing and it feels like I’m just doing the same things day after day.

Get moving again…

There are too many fire drills

Building and managing a team to get the work done is a huge source of frustration.

Create your dream team…

I need support and accountability as I grow my business

No matter where you’re starting from, with the right support there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Get a mentor…

I need to generate leads for my business

Learn more about our done-for-you copywriting, online funnel building, and Online ad campaign management services.

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

Here’s what our clients are saying about the impact we've had on their business.


Everyone knows what to do and what role they have

I really jumped into expanding my massage therapy business by adding employees overnight. I know my craft extremely well and knew I wanted to mentor others and leverage my time, but I have to say that is all I knew. I made several mistakes - almost enough to walk away from my business altogether, thinking this is just too much for a healer to take on. Then I met Ed, who showed me that there are ways to put structure into the business and get clarity for finding and keeping the right employees. I followed his coaching advice and used his templates to create procedures, and job descriptions, so everyone knows what to do and what role they have. Now, I'm feeling very clear about how to find the right staff to express my brand and get the job done confidently, so that I can focus my attention on growing my business. Thanks Ed!

Lori Correia - Holistic Sports & Injury Massage

Ed is taking me from theory to practical

Ed Erickson is awesome! He is patient and persistent. With his guidance, I feel confident that I can reach my goals. I like the step by step clear instructions. I go to seminars and they speak in grand terms but Ed has been able to make it tangible and set out the steps. Ed is taking me from theory to practical.

Nate Watkins - Troy Technologies

The progress we have made is tremendous

Ed has really pushed us forward and is doing an excellent job of holding us accountable with all that we do. We can't speak highly enough of Ed. He has a wealth of knowledge that has helped us down a path we have never been. The progress we have made is tremendous.

Steve Baker - Bakerture Photo & Video

Ed works with me at a deeper level

Assisting in personal growth and development is THE important key in building a business. Ed works with me at a deeper level and guides in changing mindsets and processes that have positively impacted my business and my personal life. Over the past 6 months, Ed has enabled me to formulate a business vision and philosophy, set goals, and guided me to effectively focus my marketing and sales efforts. Important people in my life have already noticed a big difference in my attitude, confidence, and communication skills. Thanks, Ed!

Gary Hall - Aspira Interior Design

Ed is a great business coach

Ed is a great business coach. He has exceptional skills when it comes to understanding business challenges and providing strategy and guidance on overcoming them. Working with him has been pleasure and I will highly recommend him if you are looking for a strategic partner.

Solomon Thimothy - OneIMS

I can build the company I never dreamed was possible

Working with Ed to add structure and process to my business was a game-changer for me.He created an organizational chart, based on roles, which I had never heard of before -- but it made perfect sense!Establishing company standards, having job descriptions and putting processes into place will help me on-board new staff more quickly and will ensure that everyone understands who we are and how we operate. I'm now ready to make my next hire and am confident it will be the right one! Ed clearly knows his stuff! Beyond all of the business tools Ed developed for/with me, he's a joy to work with. He's calm and confident and has a wry sense of humor that I truly appreciate. I now feel confident that I can build the company I never dreamed was possible.

Sarah Lange - New Era 4 Non-Profits

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