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Your business runs you more than you run your business


Does this sound like you?

You’re great at what you do, so you set out to do it for yourself. Your own business was going put you in control of your destiny. You were going make more money. You would have more freedom. You get to do the work you want to do. You’d be living the dream.

Then you did it - and reality set in.

You’re working harder than you ever have. You’re spending most of your time figuring out this business thing instead of doing the work you love to do. You’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed most of the time. Instead of freedom, you feel like a captive to your business. And you’re probably not making the money you hoped to make.

There’s one simple truth behind why you’re feeling this way.

Doing the work of the business and running a business are very different things - and no one ever taught you how to run a business.

You can have a thriving business that gives you all the money and freedom you want. You just need to learn a proven method for building a business.

That’s where Erickson Business Coaching comes in.

Hi, I'm Ed Erickson. I turn struggling business owners into effective, successful, and happy business leaders.

I started my first business in 2006. I had been working in businesses doing the same thing for over a decade. I thought I knew it all.

Then reality slapped me in the face. Hard.

I thought being great at what I did was enough. It wasn’t. In fact, it got me stuck in this vicious cycle of doing, doing, doing. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. As a result, I was getting nowhere - fast.

I knew I had to change something.

So I started researching. I read everything I could find about small businesses. I listened to people who were successful. I stopped thinking of myself as a consultant, and started thinking of myself as the leader of a business.

That perspective, along with all the research, led me to the core principles I teach my clients today. Those principles made my business a success and have made a huge difference in the lives of my clients.

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Ed Erickson

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Whether you’re looking for training in a specific area of your business or want to work 1-on-1 to build your business, Erickson Business Coaching has a solution for you.

Group Training

Group Training Programs

Select from our 8 to 12 week programs that focus on a specific aspect of your business.

These are best for business owners who are looking for focused work in a single area, or who may be new to coaching and aren't ready to make the longer term commitment to 1-on-1 coaching.

1-on-1 coaching

1-on-1 Coaching

Work directly with a coach to build a business that works for you.

This is best for business owners who want to work on their whole business and create something that will stand the test of time. It's also for those who are looking for individual mentoring and accountability.  

What our clients are saying

Poonam McAllister

"I did not have to close the business and we are expanding!"

Just a year ago I was ready to close down my business and walk away from my dream. I was having a hard time finding the right person to work in my front office. I went through 6 different employees, both direct hires as well as staff through a temp agency. I felt like I had tried everything and maybe I didn't know how to run my business.

A year ago I started coaching sessions. This was my last resort. I am happy to say that a almost a year later now I have been not only able to recruit the best fit for my front office but have been able to develop them and retain them. I have also been able to engage and promote staff to grow the business and grow them individually.

Coaching has opened my eyes and expanded my thinking in what the business needs, what key positions and qualities are required for each position to find the best fit. I am still learning but the good news is I did not have to close the business and we are expanding! Thanks to coaching with Ed Erickson!

POONAM MCALLISTER  //  Central Illinois Institute of Balance

Andryea Natkin

"Helping me get to the place where this small business of mine will work for me"

In 2006, I made the decision to open a small retail business called Tiny Pieces. In the eleven years since then, I have had a small level of success if you can call working 5-7 days a week including every weekend and not getting paid a success.  I finally got so ‘fed up’ that I put the business up for sale and nobody offered me what I wanted for it.

That led me to ask myself the question ‘What do I need to do differently to make this business work?’  This ultimately lead me to understand that this ‘hobby’ of mine was never going to be the business I dreamed of. Fortunately, I was introduced to Ed Erickson of Erickson Business Coaching.

We began working together in July and I have learned more than I can probably identify because it’s still slowly seeping in. He’s taken me back to things like what drives me, my purpose, my goals, my values, my strength… what makes me thrive. From there I identified, with his help, more about what my business stands for and who it attracts. I painstakingly distinguished my customers. He patiently taught me the fundamentals of the financials… P&L’s, cash flow, budgets, margins etc. I can no longer feign ignorance. I now know too much. In fact, just last week I surprised myself by knowing more details about last month’s sales figures and expenses than I have since 2006!

With Ed’s help I am formulating a doable, actionable plan to achieve some pretty serious goals. He is clear minded and focused on helping me get to the place where this small business of mine will ultimately…work for me vs me work for it. I am extremely confident in his leadership and encourage you, if you are struggling in your business, to check him out. Visit his website, read his blog… you will NOT be sorry!

ANDRYEA NATKIN //  Tiny Pieces Mosaic Tools & Supplies

Lori Correia

"Everyone knows what to do and what role they have."

I really jumped into expanding my massage therapy business by adding employees overnight. I know my craft extremely well and knew I wanted to mentor others and leverage my time, but I have to say that is all I knew.

I made several mistakes - almost enough to walk away from my business altogether, thinking this is just too much for a healer to take on.

Then I met Ed, who showed me that there are ways to put structure into the business and get clarity for finding and keeping the right employees. I followed his coaching advice and used his templates to create procedures, and job descriptions, so everyone knows what to do and what role they have.

Now, I'm feeling very clear about how to find the right staff to express my brand and get the job done confidently, so that I can focus my attention on growing my business.

Thanks Ed! 

LORI CORREIA  //  Holistic Sports & Injury Massage

Gary Hall

"Ed works with me at a deeper level"

Assisting in personal growth and development is THE important key in building a business.  

Ed works with me at a deeper level and guides in changing mindsets and processes that have positively impacted my business and my personal life. Over the past 6 months, Ed has enabled me to formulate a business vision and philosophy, set goals, and guided me to effectively focus my marketing and sales efforts.

Important people in my life have already noticed a big difference in my attitude, confidence, and communication skills.  Thanks, Ed!

GARY HALL //  Aspira Interior Design

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